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The Buy Out Process


1. Initial Consultation: We start with a phone call to understand your needs, timelines, and any urgent issues. We're flexible and ready to travel if necessary.

2. Compatibility Check: We'll exchange a seller-friendly NDA and request financial information to review your company's performance over the past 5+ years.


Honest communication is crucial here.

3. Letter of Intent (LOI): Based on our review, we'll submit a non-binding LOI outlining our proposed deal structure and options.


We're open to creativity and aligning expectations with the shareholders.

4. Capital Confirmation: We'll clarify how the transaction will proceed.

5. Due Diligence: Our internal teams handle all aspects of due diligence, ensuring a speedy process. We'll work closely with you to navigate any challenges.

6. Post-Closing Strategy: If the company is financially healthy, we aim to maintain the existing organization.


If it's distressed, we'll preserve what works and improve what doesn't while safeguarding employees, suppliers, and customers.

7. Transition Support: We assist with the transition, whether it involves management buyouts, the owner's continued involvement, or a complete exit.


Our goal is to ensure a smooth transition and uphold the company's legacy and employee well-being.

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